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My name is Sönke, I am born in the 80s and I am an enthusiastic photographer. I started with photography at the end of 2013. Starting with landscapes, which you can also find on this site, I quickly discovered my passion for portraits. I am a big fan of Peter Lindbergh's work and I like the hint of vintage very much. I also try to express this with my photos and it styles. I keep my image editing very natural and do very little retouching.
In terms of photography the style and quality of my pictures, I like to compare myself with a whisky. A relatively freshly bottled whisky, but with a healthy base that matures from year to year. The flavour and note develops slowly, but the direction is still completely unknown. I am looking forward to the coming maturation process, which lives from constant change.
A photo is something for eternity. A moment, a situation, a mood is captured and stored forever. In the best case, when you later look at the pictures, you like to remember them in a good way. This is what photography is all about for me. The beginning of the inquiry is already the creation of the picture.
I am available for bookings worldwide and that even on the same price basis as I usually work in Germany. However, cost for flight and acommodation must be covered in addition. Feel free to request an offer via the contact formular below.
Your Sönke!
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